Are you eating the right foods before and after your workout?

Did you know the meals you eat before and after a workout are the most important meals of the day for anyone who cares about nutrition or wants to build muscle, lose fat or improve their body?

Not eating properly is one of the biggest reasons why most people sabotage their weight loss efforts! Many of my clients have rationalized they’ll lose even more weight by not eating after their workouts to cut even more calories and speed up their weigh loss efforts. Nothing could be further from the truth and it is one of the biggest reasons why so many aren’t seeing the weight loss results they are looking for. Replacing the needed fuel and fluids in your body, will help you recover faster and get quicker results. Not eating 30-60 minutes after a workout basically erases all of the positive benefit of all the exercise you just sweated through.

Proper nutrition during these periods will take your fitness to the next level.  Simply put, you want to fuel your workout with protein and a carbohydrates around 60 minutes before you go to the gym. And more importantly, you want to eat a meal of protein and carbohydrates within one hour of finishing your workout! Need meal ideas? I’m happy to create a customized meal plan for you, but in the meantime check out this article for a full explanation, and start getting more out of your workouts today!

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