TheFittChick helps you Party-Proof Your Diet…

Just because you’re losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is doing the same, and that’s where you can run into trouble. The whole month of December will test your willpower with company holiday parties, gift baskets, and the constant spread of Christmas cookies.

Losing weight should not be about deprivation, and that includes social activities. There’s no reason to be less social during the holidays, just because you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s my Tips for making it through your next holiday party without gaining a pound…

1. Don’t show up hungry…have a light meal before you go, in case there are not a lot of healthy options once you get there.

2. Be Prepared…throw a protein bar or some raw nuts in your bag so your not tempted to eat the candy and bar nuts on the table. And when there are no healthy options you won’t be stuck wasting thousands of calories on a meal you never wanted.

3. Speak Up…most of the time a restaurant will be more then happy to bring you a salad without dressing, a more healthy version of the meal being offered, or a cup of berries in place of the dessert. You just have to ask!

4. Look your best…usually if you are wearing something you feel good in, it will make you more aware of your body and less likely to overeat!

5. Keep your mouth busy…sugar-free gum is a great option when you feel like your about to cave:)

I personally couldn’t have been happier at my husbands Christmas party with my garden salad (no dressing), 1 pound of King Crab Legs, steamed green beans, and fresh berries. Just because everyone else ate double baked potatoes, Caesar salads, huge steaks, and giant pieces of cake, doesn’t mean I had to.

Happy Healthy Holidays from TheFittChick….And remember, nothing will taste as good at your holiday party as being healthy will feel!


One thought on “TheFittChick helps you Party-Proof Your Diet…

  1. Awesome blog! This post is spot on! If you want to lose weight, you need to prepare. Fail to plan, plan to fail. By following these steps prior to a party, both mentally and physically, you will stay on top of your fitness goals

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