Can Taking Fish Oil Help Jumpstart Your Metabolism?


“We have all heard the headlines that fish oil is one of the most amazing nutritional supplements you can add to your vitamin routine. What many people are wondering is does fish oil help you lose weight?”

“Fish oil helps to increase your metabolism. Your body needs Omega 3 fatty acids to give the signal that your body is full. If you don’t have these essential acids, your body will constantly tell you that you are hungry. Fortunately, fish oils are full of these fatty acids and will help you to last longer between meals. Fish oils also contain EPA ad DHA which helps replace the bad fats you take out when you start eating healthy.”

“When cutting calories, taking an Omega-3 fatty acid, which are most plentiful in fish oils, is a smart idea. They not only make your skin hold moisture, but fish oil helps skin stay supple and smooths out fine line and wrinkles. In addition, using omega 3 weight loss supplements can also help prevent blood clots from forming, and they are well known to lower cholesterol and help with brain function. Fish oil also helps to improve or prevent cancer, dementia, depression, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.”

“Also, people who are overweight or don’t eat a healthy diet, often suffer tremendously with regularity. Fish oils can improve regularity within days. And as an added bonus, fish oils help improve joint pain, and can allow a person who is usually sedentary, to engage in exercise which will only help to slim the waistline!”

TheFittChick recommends adding fish oil into your daily vitamin routine. To find out which brands are best, and what is the best dosage for you, check out the link below…


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