TheFittChick Weighs in on Valentine’s Day…

Whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, you’re bound to be bombarded with chocolate and candy. From the office candy jar or a gift from a loved one, you will be tempted by something sweet. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is just another holiday centered on food. Fortunately, this isn’t your first valentines day and you are aware of the treats that will tempt you.

Chances are that many of you are reading this with a box of chocolate sitting on your desk or in your house right now. After all, candy is the second most commonly received Valentine’s Day gift. A serving of Valentine’s Day chocolate is only 2 little pieces, but caving in and eating most of the box will set you back close to 1400 calories. That’s enough calories to fill an entire day! When it comes to chocolate, darker is better. That is because really dark chocolate has less sugar and fat and more protein than lighter shades. Some even say consumption of dark chocolate might have a positive effect on your metabolism.

Valentine’s Day can be a very difficult time to stick to your diet if you are not prepared. By following a few FittChick tips and being prepared, you can enjoy February 14th without ruining your diet! The key is to not overdo it and undo all the good you’ve worked for with your healthy diet and exercise.

The best way to prevent weight gain is to know the nutritional info of your favorite Valentine’s Day treats before your tempted to waste calories on them. Check out the link below from FitSugar, and you may be able to get past this holiday without adding on any unwanted pounds!


One thought on “TheFittChick Weighs in on Valentine’s Day…

  1. Awesome post! My mother AND grandmother both came home with packets of cupcakes 😦 “Chances are that many of you are reading this with a box of chocolate sitting on your desk or in your house right now.” Life just aint fair some times haha

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