Let me inspire you !

Let me inspire you !

AHHH! That is exactly what I felt when TheFittChick (Jillian Spector) told me I would be eating six meals a day! Six meals?! That’s double what I’m used to, I was sure I could do this and enjoy every bite of it. But let me introduce myself first, I’m Sam, a 19 year-old college student living the hussle and bussle of the city life. I currently weigh 168 and I’m 5”4. I look around at the skinnier women walking through the city with me and I’m constantly reminded that I’m heavier than them. But now I’m going to change that, this is a new beginning to get to the weight I should be and to get there in a healthy fashion. I’ll blog twice a week and you can follow me and hopefully be motivated to start eating healthier yourself! Jillian helped me with everything I needed to get started, examples of my daily SIX meals, grocery list and a promise that I would text/call whenever I had a question about eating out or specific brands I should be buying to stay on track. Even if your reading this from out of town, she can help you over the phone. I’m 19 and starting this…what’s your excuse? You can find Jillian at http://www.thefittchick.com/ to get started!

Look for my blog twice a week to see what I’m up to and tips that can help you lose weight with me. Talk soon, xoxo


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