Favorite Foods can be “diet” meals!

Favorites can be diet meals!

Hi!  It’s Sam again…the new FittChick client blogging about my experience!  This week has been crazy and hard, but I’ve officially lost 4 pounds! My weight now being at 164! To say this plan is working is an understatement. I thought I would miss certain foods and have to cut them completely out of my diet, like Chipolte. My favorite place and something I wouldn’t be able to live without, a big obsession of mine. I found that I could still eat there, major plus for me!! For lunch at Chipolte it was as easy as a little brown rice, peppers,chicken, hot salsa, pico, and some lettuce to top it all off. Something so simple but still giving me the taste I crave. But being on vacation is still hard, Atlanta isn’t exactly the town of healthy foods with the smell of southern comfort creeping at every corner. I won’t deny that I’ve been craving creamy mac n cheese, fried chicken and mashed potatoes but the cravings subside once I open my chocolate brownie protein bar. Tasting even better than a real brownie, I took small bites just to make it last longer! I look at myself everyday in the mirror and remind myself that I can do this and so can all of you out there, don’t give up and push past all the cravings. Because trust me when you look at that scale and it’s even a little lower the smile on your face will be worth it. Talk soon, xoxo


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