TheFittChick weighs in on healthy snacks for “Fitt” kids before and after the game!

Image “It’s a familiar scenario – your child just came home from school and you have 10 minutes to get them changed, fed and to sports practice. While you rush your son or daughter to his/her room to change, he is simultaneously screaming that he can’t find his cleats and that he’s hungry. As you rush him out the door, you grab the first snack you can find – the artificially orange-colored, artificially cheese-flavored crackers. You simultaneously curse yourself for not having something healthier to give your child while whispering under your breath – I am not a bad parent, I am not a bad parent.

 And, of course you are not. (For the record, there is nothing wrong with him eating those crackers on occasion.) But, why not give your child a healthy snack to get practice started on the right foot? There are tons of nutritious snacks that are just as easy to grab on your way out the door as that box of crackers. So that next time you’re prepared, stock your home healthy and nutritious foods!”

Today was TheFittChick‘s turn for soccer snacks. Every week someone brings Oreo’s, dunkin donuts, or some sort of cracker. My son said “get something healthy” which obviously warms my heart! When I bought the apples and gatorade I knew it might not be the perfect choice (or the most should have seen half the kids faces), but it was better then what we normally have. We live in a busy time when sometimes its 10 minutes before the game and you realize its your day to bring the snacks! “Just remember, teaching our children about proper nutrition is fundamental to keeping them healthy and strong, especially if they are physically active! Kids’ sports performance and healthy growth will depend on eating the right foods.”

Live Fitt…Be Fitt! (and that goes double for our kids)

Check out this article for great ideas on quick, healthy snacks before, after, and during the game…


Because a Goal without a Plan is just a wish!


“Hi everyone-Sam again…


It’s been a very busy weekend! Actually it was my birthday weekend! A ton of fun was had, and now I’m trying to recover this week. One thing on my mind was could I have a few cocktails to celebrate.  TheFittChick and I discussed all the best choices to consume, and still have a weight loss for the week.  Her best suggestion was crystal light margarita mix. They are so yummy! Y’all have to go try this!  just add a little ice, one cup of water,  tequila and the Margarita Packet – it’s amazing!  TheFittChick likes her blended and even has Mexican restaurants make that for her.   Jillian helped me figure out how to enjoy my birthday without throwing my good choices out the window.  LET HER HELP YOU. You won’t regret it!


This week I’m forcing myself upstairs to my gym.   I used to love to run and I let myself get to busy to workout. I’m making time to start again!  It’s important for me to burn the calories as I take them in.  I decided I needed a motivation, so when thinking about it I thought of music festivals.  As a college student I go to all of them. The first one is in May, and I’m excited to be I started.  The last one is Lollapalooza which will be in August.  I’m thinking by then I’ll have reached my complete goal!   I keep picturing myself being able to wear my high wasted shorts and a bandau top.  I WILL DO IT. I won’t let that picture slip from my mind and I’m going to keep pushing everyday to get there.


What is your motivation going to be? Set a goal and do your best to reach it. We all want an ending result whether it’s me looking good at a concert or you finally fitting on that one dress you keep eyeing at your favorite store. If you really love a pair of jeans but feel like you’re not thin enough for them-who cares ! BUY THE JEANS. Then you’ll know you have them and it’ll keep you going because you’ll want to wear them so bad. When they finally fit it’ll make you feel accomplished. Do this with me. Because were all together in this struggle. Remember that your never the only one.


Talk soon,

Sam xoxo”


Do you use getting sick as an excuse to ditch your diet and curl up with comfort food?


“Hi y’all!

It’s Sam again!  So sorry I haven’t been posting!  I’ve been sick all week and haven’t been able to do anything.

I thought since I’ve been lazy all week, we could talk about those days when you don’t feel like doing anything.  When I think of a lazy day it’s when I keep my sweats on, curl up on my couch, watch a ton of movies, and of course eat to much.  I normally would snack on every bit of junk food in my house.  So being sick and lazy this week was hard!  Half the time I was not hungry at all, and half the time I was starving.  A very weird mixture if you ask me…so what did I do? I decided every time I became hungry and felt the need to open the puppy chow Chex mix bag in my cabinet, I’d slice up some celery and an apple and add a little peanut butter.  It was delicious and made me stop thinking of the puppy chow. I will admit I had a bag of no butter, no salt smart pop snack popcorn but it was movie snack size of popcorn was like a reward. I also made protein shakes which filled me up fast and I made them extra thick and ate them with a spoon to pretend it was ice cream and it totally worked!

Since I missed last weeks post, I didn’t get to share that I’m officially down 10 pounds on TheFittChick plan!  This gives me the motivation to keep going and stay on track.  When my body is fully recovered I will start to workout and keep moving.

Remember that we only have one body…lets make it one were proud of!

Talk soon, xoxo”

Hey everyone! I thought I’d reintroduce myself today for anyone that is just starting with me.

I’m Sam, a 19 year-old college student living the glamorous Chicago life. Oh and I mean favorite restaurant is Hub 51 and I’ve grown up eating at Joe’s Stone Crab. It’s been gourmet food my whole life but the eating got out of hand and now I’m working with Jillian Spector, owner of TheFittChick, and my eating has doubled…literally. Three meals to SIX meals. Eating never tasted so good.

Now your probably thinking…she eats at Hub 51…that can’t be the healthiest choice but they have a Garden Roll there that is amazing, and I asked for no rice and boom! Healthy! I can find something I love at every restaurant and turn it into something I can eat, of course with TheFittChick’s help. I text Jillian and ask what I can have at a particular restaurant and she gives me choices like she’s been there a million times. Sometimes she’ll send me a picture of a meal I can have and the portions are always bigger than I imagine.

I always thought eating a salad was the healthiest choice for me, but since joining TheFittChick I’ve come to the conclusion that I could have something else that is way tastier and equally as healthy as a salad if not better. But for the times I do want a salad there’s a dressing out there that is Zero,Zero,Zero in just about everything! It’s like eating real dressing and I’ve gotten to the point where I carry my dressing with me to restaurants.

I talk a lot about eating out, but I do cook. I cook for my roommate and myself. Earlier this week when I went on my rant about grocery shopping it wasn’t for nothing. TheFittChick provided me with a ton of recipes and I made a Mexican Salad the other night that was better than something I’d get at a restaurant. The recipes are FittChick exclusive and delicious! Click the website below to contact Jillian to start helping yourself eat more and weigh less!

And don’t forget everyone…there is always a yummy healthy choice!

Talk soon, xoxo