Keep Pushing Your Cart

Keep Pushing Your Cart

Grocery Talk? Let’s try it…I remember being able to just put anything that looked yummy in my cart and not feel guilty about it. Now I walk down the cookie isle and can’t even look at the boxes because I think about how I totally could have that. But I realized control is my best friend these days. And let me tell you, it’s not an easy friendship. There’s a little give and a little take. But when I take my ingredients that TheFittChick helped me pick out I think what could all of this possibly make? But with the recipes she provided for me I can create actual meals that are edible, they are tastier than what I ate before. Delicious would be a better word. I can make Mexican salads and pancakes! Yup, you heard me PANCAKES. The fluffy bread we all want and best of all there’s a brand out there where the syrup goes with my diet. LOVE LOVE LOVE. To say the least grocery shopping can still be easy! All you have to do is read the nutrition labels, they aren’t that scary and they will not bite…trust me, I know from experience. If you have any questions about what to buy don’t hesitate to call TheFittChick! She won’t bite either 😉

Talk soon, xoxo


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