Do you use getting sick as an excuse to ditch your diet and curl up with comfort food?


“Hi y’all!

It’s Sam again!  So sorry I haven’t been posting!  I’ve been sick all week and haven’t been able to do anything.

I thought since I’ve been lazy all week, we could talk about those days when you don’t feel like doing anything.  When I think of a lazy day it’s when I keep my sweats on, curl up on my couch, watch a ton of movies, and of course eat to much.  I normally would snack on every bit of junk food in my house.  So being sick and lazy this week was hard!  Half the time I was not hungry at all, and half the time I was starving.  A very weird mixture if you ask me…so what did I do? I decided every time I became hungry and felt the need to open the puppy chow Chex mix bag in my cabinet, I’d slice up some celery and an apple and add a little peanut butter.  It was delicious and made me stop thinking of the puppy chow. I will admit I had a bag of no butter, no salt smart pop snack popcorn but it was movie snack size of popcorn was like a reward. I also made protein shakes which filled me up fast and I made them extra thick and ate them with a spoon to pretend it was ice cream and it totally worked!

Since I missed last weeks post, I didn’t get to share that I’m officially down 10 pounds on TheFittChick plan!  This gives me the motivation to keep going and stay on track.  When my body is fully recovered I will start to workout and keep moving.

Remember that we only have one body…lets make it one were proud of!

Talk soon, xoxo”


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