TheFittChick Gets the Skinny on Cooking Sprays…


If you are anything like me, you use cooking spray to save yourself calories and fat! Unfortunately, this healthy staple may not be as low in calories as you think. The package may say “0” for calories, fat, carbs, and protein…but the serving size may be a 1/4 second spray with 1800 servings per container.

If you use only one serving per day one can could last you almost 5 years! 5 years!!!! I buy one new can every week!!!! If you tried to use a 1/4 second spray like the serving size says, its not even possible! The average person will use their cooking spray for about 6 seconds which is 36 calories and 4 grams of fat. While that doesn’t sound like much, it does add up!

If you use cooking spray to coat your pan before you saute veggies, and again before you pour in your eggs…you just added 70 calories to your breakfast! Even worse, at restaurants they tend to use double the cooking spray you would use at home.

The Misto is a great way to use olive oil naturally, but that also has calories and fat you may not want to add to your meals. To cut out or cut down your amount of cooking spray or olive oil you use, nonstick pans will help for cooking as will silicone mats or parchment paper will for baking. Or get yourself a Misto and dilute your olive oil with a little water. Before each use just shake and spray! Another great tip is to substitute chicken broth when sauteing vegetables. Just heat a few tablespoons in a pan and stir in the veggies, adding more liquid as needed until they are cooked!

Small changes can produce big results!

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!


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