Could Giving Your Fridge A Makeover Help You Lose Weight?


Get Organized…
“Organizing your fridge will help you make healthier decisions when it comes to food, and being able to see all the different ingredients might even inspire you to cook. A de-cluttered fridge also helps you keep track of staples so you never run out of healthy snacks like Greek yogurt or breakfast basics like eggs. Versatile plastic storage bins, from The Container Store, which are clear and stackable, make it easy to see the variety of healthy foods available at your fingertips.”

Get Snacking…
Create a “snack center” in your fridge, so you have a go-to spot to find healthy munchables when hunger strikes. Place the bin in front at eye level, and stock it with pre-made baggies of veggies, string cheese, trail mix, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, fruit leather, and other healthy faves.

Pre-cut Veggies…
Veggies are low in cals and jam-packed with fiber; when you eat them you feel full longer, which keeps hunger at bay and prevents mindless snacking later. But your veggies can’t help you lose weight if they sit in the crisper and go moldy before you have a chance to eat them. You’re more likely to nosh on veggies if they’re ready to eat. After hitting the grocery store, immediately wash, cut, and store carrots, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, celery, and cherry tomatoes in reusable containers.

Fruit Bowl…
Fruit is also a perfect snack or dessert because the sweetness satisfies your sugar cravings, but it’s much lower in calories than a chocolate bar or cookie. Ensure that you eat those nutritious apples, pears, kiwis, peaches, melons, and citrus fruits by displaying them in a bowl, so when you open the fridge door you’re inspired to grab a piece.

Ditch the Junk…
If unhealthy, nutrition-less food is in your fridge, you’ll quickly push the carrot sticks out of the way to reach them. Get rid of everything from cans of soda to the half-eaten jar of nacho cheese sauce. What’s that? You buy that stuff for your hubby or kids? Well don’t. If it’s there to tempt you, it will. If this health kick you’re on rubs off on your family, it’ll be that much easier to stick with it and drop those pounds; and your loved ones will be healthier too.

Store Healthier Alternatives to Your Faves…
“You know that ice cream is your weakness, so don’t deprive yourself — it’ll only lead to cravings. Make sure you have a lower-calorie option, such as sorbet bars, available to satisfy your sweet tooth. The same goes for other high-fat or high-calorie foods. Stock up on healthier alternatives so you can still enjoy the foods you love without derailing your weight loss train.”

So as long as its time for spring cleaning, head inside your fridge for the makeover that just might get you losing those unwanted pounds!

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!

-quotes/information credited to Jenny Sugar-


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